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Hats off to whoever made this.This website is amazing.  Select start and destination points, it will show you the way,  by all modes of transport.

Upper Vindhyan sandstone ridges forming a perfect "OM" structure.

This photograph is a tribute to BPR. The satellite photograph covering an area of about 5000 sq. kms in Bhopal, Itarsi, Hoshangabad and Raisen districts shows Upper Vindhyan sandstone ridges forming a perfect "OM" structure. Narmada, Tawa rivers and North Narmada Fault is also seen. The famous 'Bhojpur' Shiva temple is situated at the central point of this 'OM'. Om Shanti, shanti, shanti..

One rank one pension to the armed forces personnel

Parliament of India
(Rajya Sabha Secretariat)
Press Release Hundred and Forty-second Report on the petition praying for grant   of one rank one pension to the armed forces personnel. The Committee on Petitions of Rajya Sabha under the Chairmanship ofShri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, MP, presented its Hundred and Forty-second Report to the Rajya Sabha on 19th December, 2011 on the petition praying for grant of one rank one pension to the armed forces personnel.   2. The Petition was submitted by Shri Sanjay Prabhu and others, resident of Bangalore and countersigned by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, Rajya Sabha. 3. The Committee during the course of its deliberations  interacted with the petitioners, representatives of Departments of Ex-servicemen Welfare (M/o Defence), Expenditure (M/o Finance) and Pensions and Pensioner's Welfare (M/o Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions) and some organizations/individuals.     4. Following are the important recommendations of the Committee:- 4.1 The Committee …

Arrear amount for the loss of one increment, whose DNI falls between Feb-Jun before 6th CPC

Arrear amount for the loss of one increment, whose DNI falls between Feb-Jun before 6th CPC The approximate arrear amount calculation has been made for the loss of one increment in pre-revised scale, for those date of increment falls between Feb-Jun. The table express the total amount of arrear from 1.1.2006 according to the increment amount. This is the general calculation for all Central Government employees, not included the Overtime, Incentive and other benefits.
IncrementHRA-10%20%30%75-(3050 - 4590) 16,000 17,000 18,000 100-(4000 - 6000) 20,000 22,000 24,000 125-(4500 - 7000) 26,000

DRM Kathiar appoints Nodal Officer for the success of 3rd NATIONAL CONVENTION of RLY PENSIONERS ASSOCIATIONS at NEW JALPAIGURI on 29.03.2012

Can there be a bigger shame than this? Hospital buries its ‘ rat- nibbled’ shame on campus By Sudhanshu Mishra in Jaipur
FOR A man who had donated his body for the welfare of the medical professionals, it was an end most unceremonious. Professor Rameshwar Sharma, late principal of the Jaipur Sawai Man Singh ( SMS) medical college, had willed that after his death his body should be donated to the college. But the ignorant college authorities failed to appreciate his generous gesture. After rats started nibbling the body — kept in the anatomy department of the medical college — it was declared not fit for use and buried in the college campus on Thursday. MAIL TODAY had reported in July 2011 how parts of Sharma’s body were damaged by rats, including the left toe which had been completely eaten away by the rodents. Details emerging now reveal how the anatomy department callously failed to take care of the body despite tall claims. The body degenerated to the point that it was rendered unfit for t…

Sheena Iyengar: How to make choosing easier


LETTER TO EDITOR Dated: 22 Jan 2012 Sir,
1An advertisement from the Congress Party of India has appeared in to-day’s news papers. This concerns the issues relating to ex-servicemen and Defence matters. This is appreciated. Attention of all the political parties engaged in the current elections is drawn to the monumental neglect of less mortals who are serving the Armed forces of the Union of India. They are Defence Services Civilians who are paid salaries and pensions from Defence Services Estimates. Defence Services Civilian Pensioners are authorized for CSD Canteen Facility and the Status of Ex-servicemen as per laid down Army order and definition of ex-servicemen. Despite their contribution to the Armed Forces both in peace and war and despite their authorization they have been denied these facilities and status. The contestants of the current elections are requjested to take up these issues in their agenda.
2.Central government Health Scheme was launched in the year 1954 for all Cent…

Bharat Pensioners Samaj: Procedures to streamline Medical Reimbursement claims under CGHS-Courtesy: V.Natarajan

Bharat Pensioners Samaj: Procedures to streamline Medical Reimbursement claims under CGHS-Courtesy: V.Natarajan

Nothing without struggle “Rail Pensioners march to New Jalpaiguri”When to avert ‘Mahabharat’ Lord Krishna wanted to make a compromise between Pandvas and Kauravas with merely 5 villages under Pandava’s control and rest entire estate with Kauravas but Kaurvas replied “Can’t give a piece of land even equal to the top of needle without a war. Same situate before us today, Govt. of India is rejecting every just demand of Pensioners.N.F. Railway Pensioners Association invites you to IIIrd National Convention of Railway Pensioners Associations under the aegis of BHARAT PENSIONERS SAMAJ at New Jalpaiguri (WB) On 29th March 2012ContactBimalendu Chakraborty,Mob.08016135182,Tel: 0353 2592331,2562545e.mail: Postal address: Bimalendu Chakraborty,working chairman,Office of the N.F. Railway Pensioners Association; NJP Gate bazar, P.O. Bhaktinagar, (Wes…

Procedures to streamline Medical Reimbursement claims under CGHS-Courtesy: V.Natarajan

Procedures to streamline Medical Reimbursement claims under CGHSIn the normal circumstances, the pensioner who is CGHS beneficiary and his/her dependent family members are entitled to get cashless medical treatment In CGHS empanelled private hospitals on a referral by a Government medical specialist / CMO in-charge, after obtaining prior permission from the CMO in-charge of the CGHS Wellness Centre/Dispensary they are attached to. In certain situations, the pensioner and his/her dependents are also entitled for reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by themselves or any of their dependent family members.  In such cases, the pensioner has to file Medical Reimbursement Claims (MRCs) with the respective CGHS Wellness Centres they are attached to. The CMO in charge of the concerned wellness centres, will examine the said claims with reference to the checklist perscribed to them and forward the claims to the Office of the AD/JD in charge of the Zone/City.  Thereafter, the concerned offic…

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Citizen and Client Charter uploaded on I&B Ministry Website