Satmev Jayte- Truth prevails

Satmev Jayte
Truth prevails
ARTEMIS Medicare Services Ltd Gurgaon, admits negligence
2nd  June 2012, 11.30 hrs ;  New Delhi : Dr Satish Gadi, Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) N.Rly, Delhi Division convened in his office a meeting with ARTEMIS Medicare Services Ltd .Gurgaon to discuss the case of Death of Smt. Daya Maheshwari  on 01.08.2011 after knee joint replacement surgery. 
Dr  Vishal Sehgal, Additional Medical Superintendent , ARTEMIS Medicare Services Ltd., DR IPS Oberoi, Dr Rajesh Verma, Mr. Anirban Sengupta, Head Sales & Marketing, Mr R.B.Ashthana, Group Team Leader  Maketing,  ARTEMIS Medicare Services Ltd, S.C.Maheshwari,  Secy. (Rly) Bharat Pensioners Samaj & Husband of Late Smt. Daya Maheshwari and  Sh. S.P.Bharadwaj, Vice President ,RREWA Gurgaon attended.
Dr Gadi apprised  that when after 4months from the death of the patient under reference, he visited ARTEMIS Medicare Services Ltd, Gurgaon in connection with this case, Dr Col. Sindhu, Cardiologist, ARTEMIS Medicare Services Ltd Gurgaon could distinctly recollect the case and had admitted that the Patient had suffered MI (Acute Myocardial Infarction) which remained uncared for. Dr. Gadi also told that he was not ready to accept that Artemis does not possess records of ECGs dated 26.07.2011 of the patient and that he was, therefore, convinced that there had been negligence on the part of ARTEMIS. Dr Vishal Sehgal, Additional Medical Superintendent, ARTEMIS Medicare Services Ltd, Gurgaon accepted that there had been negligence to some extent. Dr. Rajesh Verma then apologized to S.C. Maheshwari  for his behavior & attitude in discharging the Patient much earlier than the Package period, not paying heed to protest of S.C. Maheshwari  against early discharge even when the Patient was unstable, for not giving  importance to telephonic messages regarding unsatisfactory condition of the Patient, and for not heeding to the request dated 01.08.2011  from Sh. Maheshwari  to visit the Patient.
Dr. Vishal  Sehgal agreed to refund the bill of this case, payment of which was obtained by them  in disregard to the agreement provisions. He also agreed to withdraw the e.mail dated March 29th 2012 from Anirban Sengupta to Dr. Satish Gadi,  attaching  Dr P.K. Kohli’s extract of Expert committee report branding the ECGs dated 26.07.2011  as bogged up .


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