Much awaited modified parity orders are out-Big victory for Bharat Pensioners Samaj


adithyan said…
from P.K.shreeramachandran,AGM Telecom (Retd)
Consider the Memo 38/37/08-P&PW dated 1-9-2008. Paras 4.1 and 4.2
As per para 4.1, the pension of pre 2006 retiree is multiplied by a factor of 2.26 to arrive at the revised pension as per the acceptance of the sixth pay commission report by government.
As per para 4.2, such a pension arrived at shall not be less than 50% of the sum of minimum pay and grade pay corresponding to the pay scale from which the official has retired.
In the context of the Memo issued by Ministry of pension, dated 28-1-2013, the following real time cases are analysed.
(a). V pay commission scale 10000-350-15200
VI Pay commission scale 15600-39100 with grade pay of RS.6600/-
Officers X and Y are in the minimum of the above scale.
Officer X retires in pre 2006 period and gets his basic pension fixed 5000. In the revision after sixth pay commission, his basic is fixed at Rs.11,300.(2.26 x5000=11,300).(para 4.1)
As para 4.2 of the memo dated 1-9-2008, this should not be less than 50% of the sum of revised pay and grade pay. (15600+6600)/2=11,100. Yes, by both 4.1 and 4.2, officer gets pension not less than Rs.11,100. He gets Rs.11,300/- as pension.
Officer Y retires in Jan, 2006. His basic pay is refixed at 25,200(Ref Memo.1/1/2008 dated 30-8-2008 of Min of exdpenditure) His basic pension is fixed at Rs.12,600/-.
As per memo dated 28-1-2013, the basic pension of X is also revised to Rs.12600/- on par with Y.
The retirement pay of the officer A is multiplied by 1.86 and the grade pay of Rs. 6600/- added, his notional pay on 1-1-2006 becomes 25,200 which is same as fixed for officer B.(Ref: 1/1/2008 dated 30-8-2008 of Min of expenditure) Pension is 50% of it which is 12600 as fixed for officer B who retires in Jan,2006. That is how X is equated to Y in basic pension as per 28-1-2013.
(b) V pay commission scale 12000-375-16500
VI pay commission scale 15600-39100 with grade pay Rs.7600/-
Officers A and B are in the minimum of the above scale in pre 2006 period. (Rs.12000/)
Officer A retires in pre 2006 period and basic pension fixed at Rs.6000/- . His pension as per 4.1 is revised to 6000x2.26= 13,560. As per 4.2 his pension is (15600+7600)= 11,600. The rule is, figure arrived at 4.1 should not be less than 4.2. Yes, figure under 4.1 is more than 4.2. He gets pension of Rs.13,560/-
Officer B retires in Jan 2006. His pay revised to Rs.29,200 and basic pension refixed at Rs.14960/-
As per memo dated 28-1-2013, the basic pension of officer A is revised to Rs.14960/-.
As per memo dated 28-1-2013,the retirement basic pay of Rs.12000 is multiplied by 1.86 and grade pay added to fix the notional pay on 1-1-2006 as 29,200. Now the pension is fixed at 14,960 . Thus pre 2006 retiree officer A given parity with officer B who is fixed at Rs.14,960/-
Whatever terminology used , in the above cases , the fact is that the basic pension of pre 2006 retirees are given parity with the post 2006 retirees by application of formula mentioned in 1/1/2008 dated 30-8-2008 of Min of expenditure.
The look up table now is cast only on the minimum of the scales and not exhaustive for every rupee of pension as done during 2008.
The actual meaning is that the government has given cent percent parity between pre and post 2006 retirees quoting minimum of pre revised scale. Since the pre 2006 retirees form one homogeneous group, drawn from different scales , the formula for fixation done for retirees of minimum of scales under the memo 28-1-2013 should be same for retirees drawing different retirement pay.
From the table provided under memo dated 28-1-2013, it is suggestive that the revised pension should be calculated on the basis of the retirement pay of the pre 2006 officials observing the formula used in Memo 1/1/2008 dated 30-8-2008 of Min of expenditure .

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