Pensioners Day.The 17th December

 8.4.1914 - 29.72009
Every year we celebrate Pensioners day to pay homage to the great soul of D.S.Nakara who tirelessly fought a legal battle for the self respect & dignity of entire the community of Pensioners, he relentlessly pleaded in the apex court  which resulted  in  the Land mark   judgement on 17.12.1982 in Writ petitions numbers 5939-41 of 1980. Wherein the apex court clarified all the issues connected with pension.
The Honorable Supreme court ruled,"A pension scheme consistent with available resources must provide that the Pensioner would be able to live :
(I)                free from  want, with decency, independence and self respect and
(II)             at a standard equivalent at pre retirement level

(III)          Pensioners form a class, their computation their computation of Pension can not be by different formula affording unequal treatment solely on the ground that some retired earlier and some retired later

(IV)          “The Court held that pension is neither a bounty nor a matter of grace depending upon the sweet will of the employer. It is not an ex gratia Payment, but a payment for past services rendered
It is unfortunate that constant attempts are being made to water down and nullify the spirit of the above judgment.  Cut-of dates are being imposed to deny new benefits to past pensioners. 
The Indian Constitution grants every citizen equality before the law and prohibits discrimination on grounds of caste, class, community or creed. It holds true for public employment as well. But the government seems to think otherwise, even after being hammered by a series of judgments by various High Courts, administrative tribunals and the Supreme Court. It does not follow court orders on the pension

Situation demands launching of country wide agitations to get the justice restored.
 BPS  Call upon all Pensioners to join Dharna  on 24.02.2014 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi From       10.00 A.M. to 14.00 PM


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