BPS 59th AGM- New direction to BPS members/Affiliates & Associates

BPS 59th AGM at Agra cantt.on 09.11.2011 gave following  new directional  'Mantra'- 3 C to its members  & constituents
“Communicate, Consolidate & Co-ordinate”
1. Communicate: Amongst  yourself , with your members, affiliates, associate, MOU partners, with Civil Society , National / local leaders ,with Media and with the employees retiring in next six months. Spread awareness about pensioners Contributions to the Country & the Civil society, about their service conditions, their entitlements as per Constitution, Supreme court pronouncements, the deficient areas and about what pensioners still doing for the Society. Empower Pensioners & Pensioners to be with information. Make full use of Social media & modern digital technology to interact with civil society to enable  them  to understand pensioners/family pensioner’s  issues & the deficient areas.
2.Consolidate:  Inspire more & more pensioners/Associations/Federations  to join you. Strive to bring all C.G; State, PSU, EPS95 pensioners/family pensioners together.  Inspire sister organizations sign MOUs to jointly & severally struggle  for  resolving common issues. Add more & more , friends & viewers  on  Social media pages . Let traditional agitational methods like Dharnas, demonstrations etc  be  replaced by &by with  modern technological methods &  strength on social media to highlight issues & deficiencies. Streamline & inter- link available resources i.e. publications, websites, Blogs, Groups, face book, Twitter, You Tube etc. Further increase electronic contacts &visitors to BPS  pages on social media & website. Which presently stand at over 7 lac. Make best use of modern technology & traditional methods to consolidate ‘elderly vote power’, the ultimate weapon & panacea for all our ills.
3. Co ordinate:  Strive to develop systems which enable all of us to act as one family with mutual confidence, support and growing interdependence. Share
information, technology and resources with Affiliates/Associates MOU partners/sister organizations &members .Coordinate and provide support to members, affiliates and associate associations. Coordinate & stand shoulder to shoulder with the administration & fellow citizens during National emergencies , natural calamities .Launch/participate in  welfare activities for the good of civil society


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