BPS proposed Agenda for 26th of SCOVA

1.   Apex Court Judgements:  Supreme Court judgements should automatically be applied to all similarly placed Pensioners/family pensioners. DOP &PW, Ministry of Law & Justice & the Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure should abandon the policy of pushing every pensioner to the court of law on the matters already decided by the honourable Supreme Court.

2. Online Grievance redresses mechanism CPENGRAM : DOP & PW  should abandon the policy ‘Forward & Forget’ Department should ensure that the grievance is fully resolved in real time and is not closed by the concerned Department for the sake of closing it. There should be a provision to intimate aggrieved about the action taken on his feed back.

3.Right  to family pension of legally married spouse be made irrevocable : Increasing number of cases in   lower rung are coming to light where in knowingly or unknowingly name of legally married living spouse is not included in PPO & illiterate widows  are  denied family Pension. Following illustration  highlights  the seriousness of the issue. (Grievance Registration number DOPPW/E/2014/02841) Joseph Kha Kha a tribal retired on superannuation in 2009 as MCM from under SSE/AC; Northern Railway 'Varanasi' name of his living spouse Ms Anjala khakha though exits in Post Retirement Complimentary Pass authorization letter & medical ID card but does not appear  in PPO  No 0109070010.Consequently the widow  is not getting family Pension.  The illiterate Tribal lady is finding it hard to get herself a PPO issued. There may be hundreds of such cases in Triblal & hilly areas.DOP &PW is therefore requested to issue guide lines for including the names of the legitimate widows in such cases
4..Pension Adalats: Scope of Pension Adalats be expanded to :
(a) Cover grievance especially as CPENGRAM is not proving to be very effective . 
(b)  Enable representatives of SCOVA and identified Associations  to plead cases of Pensioners & Family Pensioners since  most of the pensioners/family pensioners are not aware of latest rules & regulations and are  thus unable to present their cases correctly
5. Nomination of SCOVA members  : At present no Ministry or Department other than the Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pension -DOP &PW is keeping track of pensioners Associations & their performance which has already identified over 40 Pensioners Associations. Thus seeking opinion of Ministries/Departments which have no system/procedure either to recognize/identify or monitor the wkg of Pensioners' Associations should be dispensed with & DOP & PW should take its own decision based on its system of monitoring identified Associations. This will avoid undue  political & subjective influence in the nomination of SCOVA members.
6. Minimum pension : As per the accepted recommendation of 6th CPC floor ceiling for minimum pension is Rs3500/  which means that minimum basic  Pension/Family pension shall not in any case be less than Rs 3500/- But in practice,  in case of those , whose qualifying service was less than thirty-three years, the amount of this minimum 3500/ pension floor ceiling is being violated & their pension is being reduced below it on pro-rata basis  .This violation of 6th CPC accepted recommendations need to be looked into & rectified  urgently. 


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