Process of getting digital life certificate issued for Pensioners at

Process of getting digital life certificate issued for Pensioners

Step 1 : Pensioner needs to have In Aadhaar number fer getting digital Life certificate issued.

Step 2 : Pensioner needs to enrol and biometrically authenticate himself/herself using one of the following methods
Jeevan Pramaan Digital Life Certificate
a) Download application prepared for generating digital life Certificate from on any Android Tabiet/Smartphone or Windows PC. Procure a low cost finger print scanner/iris scanner from the market and plug it on USB port of the Tablet/Smartphone/Pc. Using the above application, Pensioner will be able to enrol and bio-metrically authenticate in real time from the comfort of their homes by giving his/her Aadhaar number and other details their pension bank account.

b) Pensioner can visit a nearby CSC center, Bank Branch or any Government office whose details are provided under 'locate center” on and bio-metrically authenticate in real time by giving his/her Aadhaar number and other pension details related to their pension bank account.

c) if the pensioner is already enrolled on the system, next time he gives his Aadhaar number, he would only be required to authenticate his bio-metric for updating date of his digital life certificate.

Step 3 : After successful submission of digital life Certificate. pensioner will be sent a sms on his/her mobile giving the transaction id, Pensioner will be able to download computer generated life certificate from jeevanpramaangovin using this transaction id tor their records.

Step 4: Bank Branch can be informed about submission of your digital life certificate in one oi the following ways

a) Bank can login on and can search manually for Pensioner’s life certificate either by giving Aadhaat number, Bank Account number or Transaction.

b) Core Banking Systems of Banks will be able to automatically download life certificate details from the digital life registration repository and update life status in Pensioners bank account.

c) Pensioner's digital life certificate can be sent to respective branch of the Bank by sending an email or forwarding the link through sms to download life certificate from the website.

Reminders through sms will be sent to the pensioners enrolled on for timely submission of their digital life certificates.



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