Brief on meeting with Secy. AR,PG & Pensions Mr Sh. Devendra Chaudhry on 03.09.2015

Brief on meeting with Secy. AR,PG & Pensions Mr Sh. Devendra Chaudhry on 03.09.2015
On 03.09.2015 a meeting of Civil & Defense Pensioners was called by the new  Secy. AR,PG & Pensions Mr . Devendra Chaudhry to discuss, Aadhar card seeding& digital life Certificate. From civil side BPS & two of its affiliate were invited. Secy wanted to give speed to the project. Secy Genl.BPS apprised him about the difficulties and requested that necessary hardware & software as agreed earlier be supplied to all identified Associations w/o further delay and that Biometric  scanner instruments be provided to all pensioners so that using their Mob phones they can  generate Digital life certificates from the four walls of their residence .
Secy. pension agreed to the proposal & informed that already arrangements are underway to supply Biometric Scanner instruments to employees on the day of retirement .He promised to move the proposal to supply these instruments to past pensioners also. Regarding seeding Aadhar number to pension account & generating new Aadhar cards Secy. Sh Chaudhry wanted Pensioners organizations to organize camps with undercover support of DOP & PW. BPS pointed out that it will be difficult for DOP &PW to successfully  implement such projects without the support of major Federations of Pensioners & that presently DOP &PW  is in the process of junking Civil Pensioners' major Federations.
Secy. Genl. BPS quoted example of reconstitution of SCOVA wherein Federations have been replaced by smaller local associations who without the support of Federations do not have  necessary infrastructure to effectively  fulfill SCOVA  objectives & implement at National level  projects like Sankalp & Digital life certificates. BPS suggested that number  of rotational members in SCOVA be increased suitably to take on board smaller associations & to give every association chance by rotation  but at the same time Federations be continued as standing group. Tampers ran high from official side during the discussion that ensued. J.S. DOP &PW ardently opposed  inclusion of major federations in SCOVA at this stage. At one stage Secy. too was seen in bad mood. However, in the end Secy. concluded  saying ,"give me time sort out the issue".
Secy Genl. BPS


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