NCJCM Staff Side demands One Rank One Pension from 7th Pay Commission

Bharat Pensioners Samaj through its Memorandum item 2. to 7th CPC ( reproduced below) asked for OROP but that time neither Sister Organizations nor NCJCM Staff side supported.However, though late, but it is a welcome move from NCJM Staff side.

. One Rank one pension i.e persons retired from same rank, same seniority & equal length of service should get equal pension irrespective of date of retirement = full parity : ‘Justice must be equal for all’, otherwise, it breeds contempt, discontentment, inefficiency, corruption & finally the insurgency. We have seen it happening in Tribal areas of N.E, Chhatishgarh, Jharkand, Orisa, MP etc.
Vast inequality of income and wealth between lowest & the highest paid, violation of Article 14 has already induced contempt, discontent, inefficiency & corruption, in Civil services.
Govt. granted One Rank One Pension (OROP) to Armed forces, Judges granted it to themselves. Even a period of private practice of lawyer judges, is to be counted towards qualifying service. Higher Bureaucracy got it through modified parity. All other Central Govt. Pensioners are definitely not the 2nd grade citizens! One Rank One Pension to all retirees is now a constitutional requirement to ensure equality.
Therefore, the concept of modified parity introduced by the 5th CPC as a measure to reduce the financial implication must be replaced with the full parity concept as was made applicable for the personnel retired prior to 1.1.1986. In other words, the pay of every retired person must be re-determined notionally (corresponding to the post from which he/she retired & not corresponding to the scale from which retired) as if he/she is not retired and then his pension to be computed under the revised rules. This alone will protect the value of pension of a retired person & ensure justice.


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