Defence Travel System (E-ticketing): Introduction, Users, Features & Audit

Government of India
Controller General of Defence Accounts
(Defence Travel System)
Phone No.: 011-26108268/26108269 /Fax No.: 011-26163403
No. EDP/600/E-ticketing/LAO
Dated: 29.02.2016
(Through CGDA’s website)
Subject: - Audit of Defence Travel System (E-ticketing): Local Audit Office 


The E-ticketing system has been developed to facilitate the Armed forces Personnel to book tickets through Defence Travel Portal. The project has been approved by MoD with the approval of Raksha Mantri. The first phase of the project is implementation of E-ticketing platform for the three services for Rail Travel in lieu of Railway warrants for Armed forces Personnel. The second phase of the project is to extending the system to Air Travel for Armed Forces Personnel. Defence Travel System is a cashless system for booking of tickets in respect of Defence personnel and their dependents for the government bonafied duties only. For booking of tickets RDS Account (Rolling Deposit Scheme) has been opened with IRCTC and amount due to Indian Railway at the time of booking is paid from this account.

2. Users:-

(i) Units from Army/Air Force/Navy are the users of this system. Log-in-lds in the form of PKI tokens (CO Token and Master Booker Token) have been issued to units for booking/cancellation of tickets.

(ii) Pay Accounts Office: - PAOs/AFCAO/NPAO is also the users of this system and log-in-ids in the form of PKI-tokens have been issued. PAOs/AFCAO/NPAO can’t book/cancel tickets using their tokens. Their role in the system is different.

(iii) Role of Pay Accounts Office: - PAOs download the data of respective units using log-in-ids (PKI-token) issued to them and after requisite steps they run the data in the monthly/quarterly pay system and debit/credit due to the Defence Personnel takes place in their lRLAS.

3. Features:-

(i) The tickets can be booked through DTS as per TR only. TRs are already incorporated in the system.

(iii) Initially, when Defence personnel/dependents from respective units books a ticket from this system the full fare amount deducted from RDS account. After that DTS calculate automatically the share of amount which has to pay by individual/traveler or the share of amount which has to be borne by Government.

(iv) Accordingly, PAOS/AFCAO/NPAO download data of respective units using their log-in-ids(PKI-tokens) and after doing their requisite steps, run the data in the monthly/quarterly pay system and debit(in case of booking)/credit (in case of cancellation) of individual's Share takes place into lRLA.

(v) All the steps mentioned above are executed online.

4. Local Audit Offices:-

(i) At present manual audit of warrants is carried out by the LAOS for the tickets booked/cancelled by the Defence Personnel through manual warrant which are being controlled and issued at unit level to Defence personnel for the bonafied government duties. Manual warrants are accounted and audited by the respective LAOS.

(ii) Now LAOS can conduct audit online for booking/cancellation made by Defence Personnel through Defence travel system from their respective units/other units (exceptional cases) using the log-in-ids (PKl tokens) from ‘REPORT' tab available in the MB/CO tokens.

5. General audit point to be checked by the LAOS [Audit Drills]:-

(i) Data of individual/dependants created in the system are as per service records.

(ii) Proper sanction/authorization/move sanction from the competent authority has been taken for booking/cancellation of a ticket.

(iii) Tickets are booked as per rules regarding entitlement of class.

(iv) Duty station/NR8 Duty station/ NA, Home Town/NRS Hometown/ NA, SPR/NRS SPR/NA has been feed in the system are as per records of Service Book.

(v) The officer approve the request of booking/cancellation is personally responsible to ensure that the move in question is authorized under rules. The extra expenditure caused to the state by the unauthorized issue of tickets is liable to be recovered from the officer who issued the tickets.

(vi) In no circumstance may ticket be issued for the personal journey which is not covered under TR on ground of refund the amount involved in booking.

(vii) To avoid duplicacy in case of issue of manual warrant in the unit for any unavoidable reason due to which e-ticketing system was not working at that time, LAOS should check that data of the same warrant issued manually is updated in the system (Offline Booking) or not. This data should be updated in system after completion of journey.

(viii) The nature of duty for which the journey was undertaken is as per move sanction.

(ix) Number oftotal tickets booked in a year for Form ‘D’ and all types of LTC.

(x) In case of cancellation of tickets on personal/official ground, whether sanction of the same has been obtained from competent authority or not.

(xi) In case of temporary duty move if journey has not been performed whether tickets have been cancelled in appropriate time or not.

(xii) All other relevant points which are same as applicable in manual warrant should be checked in the system.

(xiii) Any other important points for which are concerned for the LAOs are required to be checked/verified through the system.

6. Any violation of ruleS/entitlements/authorizations which comes in the notice during audit of the system should be brought in the notice of this office and concerned CDA office without any delay.

7. Action point: - Suitable and early action is required to be taken by the LAOS as per para 5 and 6 above. It is requested to issue suitable directions to all the LAOS under your command.

Jt. CGDA (IT & S) has approved.

(Deepak Kumar)



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