Unitedly 80+54+45 lac state,CG & EPS 95 pensnrs can chnge political scene of d country - S C Maheshwari SG BPS @ HYD in AISPF conference.Kandhe se Kandha,Kadam se Kadam Mila Pensioners Chale ge to Politicians ke Dil Dhadke ge

Pensioners are all eagerly waiting for the notification implementing 7th CPC recommendations. Presently Empowered Committee of Secretaries is examining the grievances of employees and the Pensioners. After giving final touch to report, Empowered Committee will send recommendations to PMO for its nod. Once PMO go through the report, it will be placed before the Cabinet for final approval.
But the information coming out is not good. It is rather a challenge being thrown out to pensioners.
MOD & M/O Personnel, PG & Pensions-DOP &PW have pitched themselves against parity between pre2016 & post 2016 as recommended by 7th CPC vide their Para 10.1.67 on the ground that it is impracticable & unfeasible as pensioners’ records may not be available, not only this, they are also opposed to any corresponding rise in the common multiplication factor of 2.57 with the upward revision of minimum salary of Rs 18000/ proposed by the 7th CPC. Similarly, revision of age related additional pension too is being opposed by MOD. In short the GOI department of Pension & Pensioners welfare i.e. the Department meant to ensure pensioners welfare is pitched against pensioners’ interest. The information is very authentic as it has come from Cab. Secy himself. During his meeting with National Joint Council of Action on 26.5.2016
This is a now or never situation for pensioners if we do not wake up & mobilize ourselves to stand-up against such a move we will never in future get parity in Pension between pre & post 2016 retirees. Bharat Pensioners Samaj and its MOU partners have already launched a campaign against this move and have submitted representations to Dr. Jitendra Singh Hon’ble MOS (P) in PMO, to the Cabinet Secy.& Secy, ARPG. pointing out that, Service record is a permanent one and if it is to be destroyed, proper permission from the Competent Authority is to be obtained. In any case, service record can always be reconstructed taking the details from various sources available with the department and the material collected from the Pensioner & his/her PPOs. This has been done in the past while implementing partial parity enunciated by fifth CPC and even while implementing modified parity of 6th CPC and is being done now while implementing OROP.
NJCM (Staff side) has come out in our support but as ‘God help those who help themselves[SCM1]  Unitedly 80+54+45 lac state, CG & EPS 95 pensioners can change political scene of the Country.
We have to mobilize ourselves in a big way. Bharat Pensioners Samaj (Federation of Pensioners Associations) has appealed to its affiliates/Associates and MOU partners to launch educational and mobilization campaigns:
1.       On Twitter, Face Book, e-mail& SMS
2.       To conduct demonstrations and Dharnas and hunger strikes at Association's HQs and submit memorandums to District collectors or other relevant officials and at state levels to the GOVERNERS. To Secy ARPG & to Dr Jitendra Singh MOS at central Government level.
3       To Join hands with NJCM (Staff side) to actively participate in their Dharna, protest rallies & preparations for strike
4.       Finally we have to call for massive Dharna at JANTARMANTAR. New Delhi
Our affiliates in N.E. &MOU partner NFRP Palghat have already started action. Our campaign on Social media i.e. face book, Twitter, Blogs, website etc is gaining strength every day. All India Services Associations & Additional Secretaries Pensioners Associations (S30 Association) also have joined the campaign.
S.C.Maheshwari                                                                                            Dated 11.6.2016


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