BPS at AISCCON 16th National conference held at Tirupati on 23rd &24th Nov.2016

 Resolutions introduced in  AISCCON 16th Nation conference at Tirupati on 24.11.2016 by MS Bhagyawati on behalf of BPS

Implement option 1 as recommended by 7th CPC vide their Para 10.1.67 & 68:

The said recommendation has been accepted by the govt subject to feasibility after cabinet approval and financial provisions too have been made. It has been accepted by the DOP & PW that records are available in 82%, so implement it without pushing pensioners to the courts. Recast records of remaining 18% according to the procedure laid down in Para 15 of OM No.F.No.45/86/97-P&PW(A)-Part-III dated 10.2.1998 of Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances -DOP &PW .
This  16th Conference  of  AISCCON unanimously supports and reiterates the NC JCM (Staff side)  proposal vide their letter dated NC-JCM-2016/7th CPC (Pension)17.10.2016 we vehemently demand that the Pensioners/family pensioners may be allowed to choose any one of the following three options: It may however, be noted that option 3 cannot be accepted as an alternative to option 1 recommended by 7th CPC vide their Para 10.1.67 & 68. Also in option 3 no cap other than that pension will be 50% of the notional pay thus arrived will not be acceptable.
·2.57 times of the pension if that is beneficial.
·Option No.1. recommended by the 7th CPC, if that is beneficial for them.
·To determine the Pension based on the suggestion placed by the Pension Department on 6.10.2016 i.e. notional pay in Seventh CPC is arrived by applying formula for pay revision for serving employees in each Pay Commission and giving 50% of this notional pay as pension to all pre-2016 Pensioners/family pensioners, if that becomes beneficial to them.

2.To arrive at revised minimum salary of C G employees 7th Pay panel adopted Dr. Aykroyd formula of 1948 without updating it. It is surprising as to how a gender-bias1948 formula adopted by Indian Labour Conference (ILC) in 1957 can be accepted in digital India of 2016. In today’s scenario, how can the Indian Civil Society accept a formula for minimum requirement which treats the lady of the house as 0.8 unit compared to the adult male of the house as 1(one) unit. Further, this formula does not at all take into consideration the minimum requirement of today’s 21st century Digital India i.e. a smart mobile phone with an internet connection, I Pad etc. Considering the wife to be .8 unit is a gender bias indicating colonial mindset of Dr Aykroyd. In the present scenario, a wife too puts in the same amount, in fact rather more, of physical and intellectual work as compared to the husband. She needs more nutrients and healthcare to keep herself fit to be a mother and as an educationist for her school going children. She needs better clothing than 1957. A lady whether she is a wife of a labourer or of a Secretary to Govt. of India, has a basic right to keep herself reasonably presentable for which she needs some minimum add-ons. As such treating her to be less than a unit is gross injustice, gender bias and unconstitutional and thus need immediate rectification.

3.Apply uniformly 7th CPC benefits to all PSUs retirees without further delay :
The pensioners/family pensioners of the Statutory Bodies/Autonomous Bodies viz. Coffee Board, Tea Board, Rubber Board, Spices Board, Central Silk Board, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghathan, National Council of Science Museum, etc. are all governed by Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules and their pension/family pension are being revised as per the Government orders, based on Central Pay Commission recommendations, issued from time to time. This  16th Conference of AISCCON demands that suitable orders be immediately issued to ensure applicability of 7th CPC benefits to PSU retirees without any further delay.

4. Additional old age Pension / Family Pension:
(a)Sixth Pay Commission had recommended additional Pension of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100
% for retirees and family pensioners on attaining ages of 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 years respectively.
However, in the present scenario of climatic changes, incidence of pesticides and rising pollution, old age disabilities/diseases set in by the time an employee retires and go on manifesting very fast, needing additional finances to take care of these disabilities and diseases, especially as the cost of healthcare has gone very high. Recommendation of Sixth Pay Commission for grant of 100% additional Pension after 100 years of age is rather illusionary in view of chances of survival upto or beyond the age of 100 years being very very remote.
AISCCON demands that 10% Additional Pension should be granted every 5 years from the age of 65 to 75 years & thereafter 20% every 5 years from 80 years onwards and 100% on 90 years of age.

4. EPS 95 Pensioners:
Over 28 lac EPS95 Pensioners still get Rs 1000/- per month pension or less due to prorate clause introduced in the provision of Rs 1000/- pm minimum pension. This 16th Conference of AISCCON demands that Bhagat Singh Koshyari Committee recommendations be implemented immediately.

5. Raise  Income tax exemption limit to 6 lac For 60+ Sr Citizens, 80 C deduction limit to 3 lac & provide 3% additional interest on Sr citizen deposits

Above resolutions were introduced in 16 Nation Conference of AISCCON  at Tirupati on 24.11.2016 by Ms Bhagyawati on behalf of BPS & were admitted unanimously


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