Cashless treatment Scheme in emergencies {CSTE} linked with 12digit/10 digit PPO Nos

No BPS/SG/RELHS/017/02 Dated 30.3.2017

Member Staff (MS)
Ministry of Railways (Railway Board)
(For the kind attention of Shri Pradeep Kumar)
Subject: Cashless treatment Scheme in emergencies {CSTE} linked with 12digit/10 digit PPO Nos

I, undersigned, on behalf of Bharat Pensioners Samaj  the largest & the oldest Federation of Pensioners Associations with over 7 lac members through its Affiliates & Associates which includes large number of Railway Pensioners, regrets to bring to your notice that to join CSTE 10 digit PPO Nos are required whereas several zones such as Central & Northern Railways have  not so far issued  PPOS with 10 Digit Nos to all the Pensioners.
Moreover, as per existing orders of Ministry of Finance, on N.Rly good number of pre 1990 pensioners have been issued 12 digit No PPOS. Central Railway till-date has neither issued 12 digit nor 10 digit PPOs to all the pensioners resulting in denial of CSTE membership through no fault of the pensioners.
Sir, Annexure - 4.1 to CSTE policy letter provides facility of Online mode of CTSE I Card application and issues through M/S UTIITSL online application, the said annexure- 4.1 states that Link to this application is provided at all railway websites. U/S regret to inform you that this link does not exist on any of the Railway websites.
2. Amount to be deposited to join CSTE :- The corrigendum dated 24.1.2017 provides contribution as per ward entitlement of the applicant. In railway hospitals. All gazette officers are entitled to private ward but in referral hospitals ward entitlement is as per CGHS. CGHS revised ward entitlement vide MOH&FW GOI, OM No. S.11011/11/2016- CGHS (P)/EHS dated 9.1.2016 is based on entry level indexed pay as per the level in the 7th CPC pay matrix. It may kindly be clarified if same will be applicable to Rly Pensioners also
3. Sir, BPS, further strongly urge that till all Railway dispensaries are authorized to refer the beneficiaries to railway em-paneled hospitals and diagnostic centers. The proposed Scheme CSTE will not be of much help to the retirees even after shelling out additional amount to join CSTE. Your honour can very well appreciate the logistics of traveling to Railway hospitals for day-to-day treatment due to old age ailments (as many of them are located at far off places in suburbs of metropolitan cities), is rather scary due to meager support system available to the old pensioners. On this account, many retired employees are not in a position to avail RELHS facilities of Railways and they are forced to visit private hospitals and incur substantial expenditure on their treatment out of their pocket.
Sir, I would like to convey thanks for your candid and benevolent efforts for retired employees made  till now. A little more,as requested above, will go a long way in resolving health care issues of Railway retirees on long term basis.
Thanking you in anticipation.

yours Faithfully,

Er S.C.Maheshwari
Secy Genl BPS
Copy to Com Shiv Gopal Mishra Genl. Secy. AIRF to kindly takeup the matter at his level also.


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