From the Desk of Secy General BPS

Service, in our Indian ethos is the ultimate duty – Seva Parmo Dharma. About four & a half yrs ago, you had entrusted me with the responsibility and honour of serving Bharat Pensioners Samaj as Genl Secy. I have devoted several hours every day to serve the cause of Pensioners through this organization. The strength of the organization then and now, Balance sheet then & now. Representations & successful discussions with 7th pay commission, and the achievements over this period speak by themselves. Care has been taken to keep pace with the changing scenario & digitalization.
Some people are born geniuses, I am not one of them. I don't do grammar and punctuation. Never did. Not in school, nor in college. "If it sounds right, it must be right." That is my guiding principle and extends well beyond grammar -- to Life itself. I'm old now, but the principle still works. I'm not a "foodie" nor a chef, but I can tell if something in a dish is wrong; and also what is wrong. I know, that I'm not perfect --I have many faults and may have hurt my friends & well-wishers at times while taking care of  organization’s interest in good faith -- but I know exactly what I am. And, more to the point, I know what I am not. But one thing that I know for sure is this:  BY HIS GRACE, I AM NOT UNHAPPY.
For an organization to survive and move ahead development of 2nd line of leadership is a must. Over the years BPS has failed on this account. It is high time to rectify the short coming.
 Now that my current tenure is nearing its end and I have no intention to remain glued to the chair. I thank you all for the support so long and request you to find out suitable replacement to take the organization ahead
S C Maheshwari


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