offline and Online mode of CTSE I Card application and Issues

1. M/S UTIITSL makes an online application for application-form. Link to this application is provided
at all railway websites.
2. Advertisements in NEWS papers by Personnel Department inviting application for becoming
CTSEmembers from RELHSmembers whose card is registered at a Railway hospital or Railway
health unit located within Delhi urban agglomerate (UA) or Delhi NCR, Kolkata (UA), Chennai
(UA), Mumbai (UA).
3. RELHS Beneficiary registers at the website, fills key details and a unique registration no. is
allotted to the beneficiary. The first information that will be asked from the beneficiaries will be,
"Where the RELHS card of the beneficiary is registered?" If the Health Unit/Hospital of
registration doesn't lie within the four Metros (UA) then the applicant will not be able to fill the
form futher. Otherwise, based on this information the Sr DPO, to whom the application will be
addressed, shall decide, and advise to the applicant.
4. Henceforth the RELHSBeneficiary can log on to the website with this unique registration no. as
5. Beneficiary fills up the full form.
6. Beneficiary uploads the scanned copy of; Photograph, Aadhar card, PPO, RELHSCard etc. for
self and all beneficiaries as per RELHSCard.
7. Based on information fed by the RELHSBeneficiary, site tells him the amount of Demand Draft
(DD) to be sent along with application form in favour of the concerned FA & CAO, payable at the
city where that FA & CAO is Head Quartered. The site also advises him to write Registration No.,
Name etc at back of DD.
8. Beneficiary gets the DD made and fills up the detail of DD online. Scanned copy of DD is also
9. Site asks him a few questions which he answers by checking relevant Boxes. These statements
will form part of declaration by the RELHSbeneficiaries. These declarations will get printed at
the end of his application form, which he will sign on all pages.
10. Beneficiary takes a print out of the filled up Application and speed posts it to the Sr DPO as
advised vide para 3 above along with DD, copies of documents and photographs. The envelope
will be superscribed with CETSRegistration no.
11. Sr DPO on receiving the application shall acknowledge receipt on website. Thereafter, SrDPO
verifies the claims in application, on being satisfied, he will update the M/S UTIITSL database.
Since the data is in electronic form, this job will not be involving too much work.
12. Sr DPO sends the information to authorized officer in the CMS office. CMS will verify where the
RELHScard is registered and also verify it online on UTIITSL site and duly correct it if required.
13. Sr OPO concurrently will also send the 00 to Sr OFM for realization. Sr OFM will send the 00 for
realization, packet wise and once realized Sr OFM will update the MIS UTIITSL site.
14. Once authorization is received from Accounts, Medical and Personnel, Sr. OPO shall take the
final print of the completed application form (this will contain the declaration also) along with
the documents related to this 10 card, and keep in safe custody. This will mean automatic
authorization to UTI to issue cards to the beneficiary. An email is triggered to the beneficiary
also as soon as authorization is given by Sr OPO.
15. MIS UTIITSL makes individual cards for all members and mails it to the Beneficiary through
Speed Post. The speed post number is also updated by MIS UTIITSL on the site. An email will get
sent to beneficiary automatically advising him the the date of issue of cards and the speed post
16. The beneficiary will receive the cards and will confirm receipt of card on the website. As soon as
the receipt is updated by the beneficiary, at the website, the card becomes operational.
-------- x

Offline mode of CTSE 1 Card application and Issue
1. Advertisements in NEWS papers by Personnel Department, Delhi urban agglomerate (UA),
Kolkata (UA), Chennai (UA) and Mumbai (UA).
2. The Beneficiary downloads the application form either from one of the Railway website or MIS
UTIITSL website for CTSE. The hard copy of form shall also be made available in offices
frequented by the retired employees, e.g. offices issuing complimentary passes, Railway Health
Units, Hospitals etc.
3. Beneficiary shall fills up the form.
4. Based on information provided by the RELHS Beneficiary, Sr DPO office enters only the key
details e.g. Name, RELHS No., PPO No and total number of beneficiaries on the UTI website. A
Unique no. will be generated which will handed over to the applicant as receipt and future log in
ID. This print out will also contain information about the amount of Demand Draft (DD) to be
deposited along with application form.
5. Beneficiary gets the DD made and fills up the detail of DD in the form.
6. Beneficiary submits the completed application form to the Sr DPO. Sr DPO updates DD
information on website and gives print out to applicant as receipt.
7. Sr DPO sends the DD to Sr DFM for realization. Once DD is realized, Sr DFM updates the UTI
8. Sr DPO sends the information to the authorized officer in CMS office. He will check from
dispensary where RELHScard is registered. Verify it online on MIS UTIITSL site.
9. Sr DPO sends the application in hard copy to MIS UTIITSL authorizing the MIS UTIITSL to
digitize the records and update the database with details of the application form.
10. It will be the duty of Personnel 'Department to preserve the records related to the ID card,
specially the declaration ofthe beneficiary.
11. MIS UTIITSL updates the database and will advise the Sr DPO Office, online, to check the
updated fields. Sr DPO on being satisfied with the updation, verifies it online and shall takes a
print and keep it in record. This will also mean automatic authorization to MIS UTIITSL to make
the cards.
12. MIS UTIITSL makes the CTSEcards and will mail it to the Beneficiary through Speed Post. Speed
Post number shall be updated on site by MIS UTIITSl. MIS UTIITSL shall update the date of
delivery of card as per speed post site.
13. The beneficiary will receive the cards and confirm receipt of card to the Sr DPO in writing. As
soon as the receipt is updated by Sr DPO at the website the card becomes operational.
------- x-------


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