Compilation of Rly Board Circulars on NPS

2016/AC-II/21/730.03.201739/2017New Pension System
2016/CA-II/21/722.07.201724/2017Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by NPS
2013/AC-II/21/615.02.201713/2017New Pension System- Timelines for concurrent upload and transfer of funds to trustee bank
2017/AC-II/21/213.02.201712/2017NPS Service Fortnight from 01.02.2017 to 15.02.2017
2016/AC-II/21/702.01.201701/2017Additional Relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by the defined Contribution Pension System (NPS)
Letter No.DateRBA No.Subject & Issue Involved
2013/AC-II/21604.10.201674/2016Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by the Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS).
2013/AC-II/21/621.09.201664/2016Monthly update on PAOs performance by NSDL - New Pension System
2016/AC-II/21/716.08.201654/2016New Pension System (NPS) and its implementation.
2014/AC-II/21/426.07.201650/2016NPS implementation - station of pending grievances related to ‘Contributions not reflected in account’
2014/AC-II/21/623.05.201635/2016Additional Relief on death /disability of Government servant covered by Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS)
2014/AC-II/21/619.04.201628/2016SCFs pending for matching and booking and outstanding remittance - NPS
2014/AC-II/21/615.02.201612/2016SCFs pending for matching an booking an outstanding remittances - NPS
2014/AC-II/21/601.02.20169/2016NPS Service Week from 01.02.2016 to 06.02.2016
2014/AC-II/21/607.12.201577/2015Reimbursement of loss of fund value under NPS due to delayed uploading - guidelines thereof
2014/AC-II/21/412.11.201571/2015Transfer of accumulated NPS wealth to Railways in case of erroneous withdrawal, death/disability of NPS subscriber etc.
2014/AC-II/21/430.06.201541/2015Accountal of withdrawal of erroneous contribution received into NPS instead of GPF
2014/AC-II/21/625.06.201539/2015Introduction of new account Heads for Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants under NPS in Indian Railway Finance Code Vol. II (Second Reprint Edition 2008)- Classification of Revenue Expenditure, Demand No. 13, Abstract ‘L’- Provident Fund, Pension and Other Retirement benefits. 
2014/AC-II/21/421.05.201530/2015Revision of Subscribers Registration Form-NPS
2014/AC-II/21/413.04.201525/2015Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by NPS - Regarding obtaining of periodical certificates from pensioners/family pensioners
2014/AC-II/21/422.01.201505/2015Additional relief on death/disability of  Government Servants covered by NPS - Periodical certificates for pensioners/family pensioners covered under NPS
2014/AC-II/21/402.01.201501/2015Delay in upload of SCF files by Construction Offices
2014/AC-II/21/420.05.20148/2014Exit guidelines under NPS - option for complete withdrawal of accumulated pension wealth by subscriber
2010/AC-II/21/1831.03.20145/2014Accountal of withdrawal of erroneous contribution received into NPS instead of GPF
2014/AC-II/21/206.02.20143/2014Remittance of NPS funds solely through electronic mode (NEFT/RTGS) from 01.04.2014
2010/AC-II/21/1806.01.20141/2014Timely remittance of NPS contribution
2010/AC-II/21/1816.08.201321/2013Forms/Annexure for withdrawal on exit from NPS
2010/AC-II/21/1802.07.201316/2013Master circular on product design and exit from NPS
2010/AC-II/21/1824.06.201314/2013Appointment of new Trustee Bank under New Pension System
2011/AC-II/21/1028.12.201248/2012Changes in the subscriber registration form - NPS
2012/AC-II/21/714.08.201227/2012New Pension System – Concurrent upload and transfer of funds to the trustee bank
2012/AC-II/21/720.07.201225/2012Clarification on excess amount remitted to Trustee Bank – New Pension System
2011/AC-II/21/1112.06.201218/2012Return of remittances without complete narration and deletion of unmatched Subscriber Contribution Files (SCFs) in CRA system
2011/AC-II/21/1007.05.201212/2012Amendment in subjects under NPS to be dealt with in Board’s office
2011/AC-II/21/1101.12.201152/2011Contact details of separately established department for NPS in Bank of India – The Trustee Bank.
2008/ACII/21/1913.10.201144Additional Relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by New Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS)
2010/ACII/21/303.10.201142New Pension System
2011/ACII/21/1020.06.201130Remittance of Contribution to NPS Account
2009/ACII/21/917.06.201129Compromised User Account Credential
2008/ACII/21/1930.05.201125Additional Relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by New Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS)
2009/ACII/21/924.05.201123New Pension System – Clarification regarding Applicability of Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme to employees under NPS
2009/ACII/21/1810.02.20117PRAN generated based on Zero Contribution File (minimum electronic data)
2009/ACII/21/907.02.20115Unitisation of NPS Fund remitted before 01.04.2010
2009/ACII/21/625.10.201031Write up on New Pension System for nodal offices and subscribers.
2009/ACII/21/7Pt22.10.201029New Pension System
Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by the Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS)- Circulation of MOF?s letter no.1(7)/DCPS(NPS)/2009/TA/221 dated 2.7.2009
2008/ACII/21/1904.06.201010Additional Relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by New Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS)
Implementation of Defined Contribution Pension Scheme-Streamlining of procedure for remittance of contribution to Trustee Bank by PAOs.
New Pension System-Clarification regarding qualifying service.
Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by the New Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS)- Procedural guidelines for making provisional payments to eligible Govt. servants/family and accounting heads thereof.
Implementation of New Pension Scheme ? Issue of instruction regarding filling up of form S-1 for new entrants who join on or after 01.04.2009.
2004/AC-II/21/1/ Vol.II18.03.200919
Change in account number (for Central Government Departments) of the NPS Trust account maintained with Bank of India
2004/AC-II/21/1/ Vol.II17.02.200911
New Pension System ? Clarifications regarding suspension, Half pay leave and EOL cases.
2004/AC-II/21/1/ Vol.II27.01.200907
Operationalisation of New Pension Scheme-transfer of second tranche of legacy data.
Operationalisation of New Pension Scheme w.e.f. June/2008 ? Instructions regarding cases of transfers from one unit to other
19.12.200735Clarification on New Pension System (NPS) ? Methodology for accountal of NPS recoveries of employees on deputation or whose wage period does not coincide with calendar month
2004/AC-II/21/1 Pt.II04.08.200640/2006
Implementation of New Pension System (NPS)-clarification regarding counting of Military Service in respect of ex-serviceman joining railway service after 1.1.2004.
New Pension System ? Clarifications on various issues.
2004/AC-II/21/1 Pt.II18.08.200549Introduction for providing data on New Pension Scheme.
2004/AC-II/21/1 Pt.II28.06.200532Implementation of New Pension system.
2004/AC-II/21/1/Pt.II16.05.200524Implementation of New Pension System.
Implementation of New Pension System.
New Pension System-Clarification regarding substitutes and casual labours.
New Pension System ? Clarification regarding applicability of NPS on Railway Protection Force.
New Pension System ? Clarifications.
Introduction of New Pension System.

Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 17-11-2017  


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