Information about Pony tail Palm

How to Grow a Ponytail Palm Outside Caring for ponytail palm outdoors requires a knowledge of ponytail palm plant care. These lovely little trees thrive in full sun with generous but infrequent irrigation. Overwatering is a serious problem for ponytail palms grown as houseplants. Remember that the common name of this plant is slightly misleading. The ponytail palm is not a palm at all but related to the water-sparing yucca family. Expect this plant to store water in its swollen trunk base to help it through dry, hot weather. Growing ponytail palm outdoors is only possible in well-drained soils, since the plant develops root rot in wet earth. On the other hand, the plant accepts most soil types, including sandy and loamy. Even with the best ponytail palm plant care, you will have to wait a long time for this tree to branch. If you are hoping to see the showy flower clusters, you may have to wait even longer. They only grow on established trees. More Information about Ponytail 
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