Diabetes is a common disease nowadays, mostly also called as a lifestyle disease. In this condition, either the body is not able to produce the required amount of insulin (Type 1 diabetes) or is not able to utilize what is produced (Type 2 diabetes). In either of these conditions, the blood sugar level in the body goes up, leading to diabetes. The other known form of diabetes is gestational diabetes, which is when an expecting mother develops diabetes.
The causes of diabetes are listed as genetic, lack of exercise, obesity, or even at times, few unknown environmental factors. With respect to symptoms, frequent urination and excessive thirst are the primary ones that one needs to watch out for. Some amount of fatigue, dry or itchy skin, and at times, blurry vision, is also seen. If you sense that you are having any of these symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor immediately and take necessary actions. Usually, Type 1 diabetes develops fast while Type 2 diabetes takes longer to display symptoms and hence longer to diagnose as well. The Type 1 is also called juvenile diabetes as it occurs in childhood as well.
The doctor may run some tests and study your medical as well as family history to understand your diabetic condition and determine which type you have. Also, the treatment is different for different people and is dependent on the blood sugar levels as well as a few other factors.
It’s a well-known fact that there is no cure for diabetes. In other words, the disease has to be managed or controlled. So, usually, the doctors counsel the patients on the do’s and don’ts of the disease. One had to work closely and cooperate with the doctor in diabetes management, to keep the sugar level under control. The complications arising from uncontrolled diabetes can be many and varied like heart, eye, nerve, skin and kidney related issues as well as wounds heal slowly and amputations are also seen at times. Hence, it is very important to check the blood sugar levels often.
While typically, one may be asked to do a blood test every month, nowadays, there are also options of doing it at home. You have products like Blood Glucose Test Strips, Blood Glucose Meter Kit, or Accu Check Active Strips, etc. that can help you check the blood sugar levels at home easily. This monitoring is important to know any fluctuations and take appropriate action. You can easily find these in our webstore.
People with Type 1 diabetes would need to take insulin injections as needed and will be taught to do the same. In Type 2 diabetes, you may be able to control it with medications. However, the key to a long life after diagnosing with diabetes lies in other options too to manage the disease.
Diabetes management options
Diet – The blood sugar levels in our body will fluctuate on the basis of the food that we eat. So, for a diabetic, it is very important to know which food causes the spike, etc. Carbohydrates are known to have high amounts of sugar and hence, these should be avoided to some extent. You may arrive at a right portion with some fresh salads, sprouts, etc. and have a balanced diet to maintain the blood sugar levels, along with the insulin or the medications, whichever may be the cause. High sucrose drinks need to be avoided and any other beverages like tea and coffee can be had sugarless or with products like Stevia Liquid Sugarfree available in our webstore.
Exercise – Regular exercise is a must for diabetics. It is said that exercise helps the body to utilize insulin effectively, and also the muscles use up the sugar, thus helping the cause. If nothing, a daily brisk walk of 10 to 15 minutes also can help. Please do check once with your doctor about what would be an appropriate amount of exercise for you as each case is different. Please note to keep yourself well hydrated as well.
Medications – People with diabetes cannot skip their injections or medicines, as also their food. It has to be taken on time without fail.
Other factors – Avoid alcohol or check with your doctor about the amount that is allowed as it can affect the blood sugar levels.  Avoid stress through some effective means like meditation as hormonal changes due to stress can also affect the blood sugar levels. At times, some kind of illness and its treatment may also affect the bodily hormones and functions and hence, one needs to keep a watch for this. If the disease is understood and a plan is made, it is easy enough to manage it and live long 


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