Relaxation of Rules for treatment of ECH beneficiaries

Relaxation of Rules for Treatment of ECHS Beneficiaries in Kerala and Kodagu District of Karnataka in view of recent Floods 

Central Organisation ECHS 

Adjutant General’s Branch 

IHQ of MoD (Army) 

Maude Lines 

Delhi Cantt – 110 010 


17th Sep, 2018 

IHQ of MoD (Navy)/Dir ECHS (N) 


1. State of Kerala and Kodagu District of Karnataka have been adversely affected,by floods. ECHS beneficiaries have also been adversely affected including certain ECHS PCs have been also flooded.

2. Gol (MoD) DoESW has relaxed the rules for treatment procedure as per their letter No 18(92)/2018/VVE/D(Res-1) dt 14 Sep 18 (copy enclosed). The Same is applicable to the following PCs

(a) ECHS beneficiaries dependent on all PCs in the state of Kerala.

(b) ECHS beneficiaries dependent on Virarajendrapet & Madikeri PCs in Kodagu District of Karnataka.

3. While ECHS beneficiaries can continue treatment as per existing procedures, those needing treatment can also report to emp hosps even without referral from parent PC for treatment both for OPD as well as IPD purposes. They will be eligible for issue of medicines by emp hosps for a period upto 14 days. Emp hosps to generate ER for all such cases where patients are coming without referral under these situations.

4. ECHS beneficiaries can also go to non emp hospital in emergency as well as non emergency basis. They should inform the PC within 48hr for generating ElR. Medicines upto 14 days is also entitled to them from non emp hosp which can be reimbursed to the ECHS beneficiaries alongwith treatment expenditure as per CGHS rates.

5. The relaxation is being extended till 15 Oct 18 which will be reviewed on 10 Oct 18 for further extension based on ground feedback for which all the three RCs will forward the recommendations by 08 Oct 18.

(BS Sisodia)


Dir (Ops & Coord)



No. 18(92) 2018/WE/D/Res-1

Government of India 

Ministry of Defence

Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare 

New Delhi

14th Sep, 2018 


The chief of Army Staff 

The chief of Naval Staff 

The Chief of Air Staff 

Subject: Relaxation of Rules for Treatment of ECHS Beneficiaries in Kerala and Kodagu District of Karnataka in view of recent Floods 


In view of the grim situation prevailing in kerala and Kodagu District of Karnataka due to recent floods and the hardship faced by ECHS beneficiaries there, I am directed to convey the sanction of Government for relaxing the relevant rules and allowing all ECHS beneficiaries located in kerala and Kodagu District of Karnataka to 

Avail Treatment in any empanelled hospital without referral for both IPD & OPD treatmeny. 

Avail treatment at any non empanelled hospital even in non-emergency condition on reimbursement basis 

2. a maximum of 14 days medicines is allowed to be dispensed at a time by both empanelled/non empanelled hospital irrespective of the emergency / IPD & OPD treatment. 

3. The rates applicable for treatment and reimbursement shall be as per ECHS/CGHS rates. 

4. This general relaxation shall continue till further orders. On normalization of the situation, this general relaxation shall be withdrawn. 

5. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance/Pension) vide their U.O.No.32(27)/2018/FIN/PEN dated 12.09.2018. 

Yours faithfully 

(A R Karn) 

Under Secretary to the Government of India 

Tele Fax No.23014946


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