Railway All India LTC Claim Register to be maintained by concerned cash branch

Register of All India LTC Claims of Railway Employees to be maintained by concerned Cash Branch will be computerised and maintained in IPAS - Annexure-IV


(To be maintained by Concerned Cash Branch) 
(To be Computerised and maintained in IPAS)

Sl. No.Bill no. & Date of Advance/Final BillName, Designation, Employee No. and RUID of railway ServantBlock YearPlace of VisitFor Whom ClaimedAmount of Advance/Final claimBill no. & Date of AdjustmentDate of receipt of ClaimGross Amount of BillNet AmountRemarks


1. Entries for advance bill should be made in red ink. 

2. In case of final claim where no advance has been drawn, columns ( I ) to (7) only need to be filled up. 
3. In case of adjustment bills, columns (9) to (12) against the S.No. of the advance bill should be filled up while passing the net claim. 

4. If net amount of the adjustment bill is for a minus amount, particulars of recovery of the balance should be indicated in column (12). 


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