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1 Results of Lok Sabha Polls-2019 awaited with Eagerness.
2 C G H S
3 Pensioners panorama
4 Karnataka CGPA
5 A Quote


The National Scene

        Democratic India is on a great political exercise. 2014-Polls brought about a virtual change in national leadership. 2019-Polls is on the verge of closure. The results are sealed in the EVMs all over. They will be opened and revealed on May 23. The country waits with bated breath for it. What was to happen as a Battle of the Ballot between the Ruling party and the so-called Mahaghatabandhan did not materialise. Even the wide world is keen to know the great decision of the people.

Pensioners’ panorama

        The National Pension Scheme:             The Govt of India introduced the New Pension Scheme 2004, which is now christened the National Pension Scheme, for those employees retiring after 2004. The Scheme envisaged the Govt-sponsored Corpus Fund of about Rs 400 crores with the Pension Regulatory Authority. This Agency would invest the amount pension-contribution of the employees with Mutual Funds and such other financial institutions, reap dividend thereon; and thence pay the pension to the retirees. This Scheme is said to have not worked satisfactorily, with the apprehension that the anticipated dividend amounts from the Mutual Fund were either not commensurate, or were even failing. Theopposition to the Scheme continues.

            In a Pension-related write-up (‘Deccan Herald’, April 29, under head ‘Family Finance’, p.15), Vasant G Hegde, a Banker-academician with the Manipal Academy of Banking, Bengaluru), highlighted this point. We quote. “In a major relief to thousands of employees, the Supreme Court recently dismissed the Special Leave Petition filed by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) against a Kerala High Court judgement setting aside Employees Pension (Amendment) Scheme 2014,  that had capped the maximum pensionable salary to Rs 15,000 per month. The Bench comprising Chief Justice of India, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Sanjiv Khanna, on  April 1, 2019, while dismissing the SLP, observed ‘We find no merit in the special leave petition. The same is accordingly dismissed’.” Incidently, the writer suggested that the employees should deposit more money to get the higher pension, under the EPS. He also added “The cruel part is unlike the EPF portion, the EPS portion does not earn any interest” (!)

            We may also recall that, in the last 10-15 years, there have been attempts by the Centre and even the Karnataka to cap or peg the pension-amount at a particular stage.

            BSNL Chapter:                    The once-popular organisation BSNL is now under dark clouds – allegedly for reasons of governmental indifference and staff indulgence. The employees got their salary for February in mid-March 2019. There is a report that over 50,000 employees would be retrenched in a phased manner. According to a report in ‘Deccan Herald’ (April 30, p.13), a PMO-related proposal was to reduce the retirement age of the BSNL staff. However, the meeting attended by the PS/PMO, the Cabinet Secretary and others, decided that the issue is best left to the new-government after the polls. Whither goes the BSNL, or who will save the BSNL?

            Coffee Board Pensioners Assn:            The pensioners of the Coffee Board finally got the benefits of the 7th CPC with effect from Jan 1, 2016. In this connection, Shri AN Balaram, President of the Assn, as a good gesture, has individually thanked all the Pensioners Assns including the CC CGPAs, as also the Minister for Commerce, for the help extended (Courtesy: ‘CBPA Pensioners Voice, March 2019). Indeed, it is the pleasure and duty of the pensioners to help the co-pensioners.

            JCM Meeting:          The Cabinet Secretary had called for a meeting of the National Council of the JCM on April 13. Details have not been received.


        WC at Varanasi opened:              By OM d/ 19 February 2019 issued by the Ministry of Health, it has been reported that a new WC is opened at Kendriya colony, Chandmari,  Varanasi (UP) from 19 Feb 2019. It will be under the control of the Addl Director, Allahabad. (Varanasi is the home town/parliamentary constituency for the Prime Minister.)

            It thus visualises that the Govt has the needy trend to open new WCs here and there. A few months back a good number of WCs were opened. New set of MPs would be elected and new group of Ministers would be in office, after the Polls-2019, by June 2019. With proper lobbying and pressure, it should be Karnataka’s bid to have WCs opened at Yelahanka (Bengaluru), Mysuru, Mangaluru and Hubli-Dharwad, besides a second Polyclinic in south Bengaluru.

        Shortage of Doctors at WCs:                  Due to certain reasons like a few doctors on long leave and one or two doctors going abroad, the WCs in Bengaluru have been forced to treat the beneficiaries, a little late. The beneficiaries have to remain patient. The Co-ordination Committee of the CGPAs-K is aware of this problem, and would talk to the CGHS for some relief. The WCs affected are Vijayanagar, Domlur and Hosakerehalli, at present.

            CGHS facility extended to KVS retirees:          The Ministry of Health has approved the extension of the CGHS facilities to the retired employees of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan, who were having CGHS card while in service, in all CGHS-covered cities, by its OM d/ 6th March 2019. In turn, the KVS has issued OM d/ 13th March 2019 to the effect.

            One beneficiary moves to Bengaluru from Chennai:           This is for those interested to know. Shri MRV Nath, Vice-President of AIFPA Chennai, met with an accident in front of his house in Chennai recently. He is injured in the head-region and a few other parts of the body. He is confined to bed. He has shifted to Bengaluru, where his son is employed. He is at Kamalanagar, Tel 8778686123 (busy). He requested for reference to the CGHS authorities in Bengaluru, so that a doctor can visit him and guide him for further treatment and medication. The General telephone number at Koramangala 080-25535098 was given to him. He contacted the number, and a doctor was to visit him on April 30 afternoon, for guidance.

            Diabetes in Karnataka:                 According to medical data provided by Medlife, Bengaluru (‘Deccan Herald’, May 1, p,3B), the ratio of doctor to patient for treatment is one doctor for every 13,699 patients, in Karnataka (with the ratio in Uttar Pradesh being 1:20,000  !). Dr TS Prabhakara, Director, Dept of Health & Family Welfare, said that the Dept is trying to curb the diabetes with introduction of more healthcare centres. He added that even the Ayurvedic doctors were trying to fill up the gap.

The State scene

        Political clouds have shown uncertain climate in the State. Whether the results of the Parliamentary Polls-2019 that would come out on May 23 would provide a change in the State scenario remain circumspect.

The Assns scene

Karnataka P&TPA

            The Assn has announced to hold its 24th Annual General Body meeting at the NGOs Hall, Cubbon Park, Bengaluru, on Saturday, 13th July 2019. Draft Annual Report for the year 2018-19 has been given out in the issue for April 2019 of ‘Pensioners Champion’. The Assn took obvious pride in the construction of the Pensioners Bhavan Annexe, and thanked those who supported financially and otherwise. It wished the BSNL brothers to have their problems resolved fast. It explained its various Activities and the performance in respect of obtaining Digital Life Certificates. It explained its good performance on the CGHS front. Finally, it was happy that the Assn, founded in 1994, was to complete 25 years this year, and recorded its gratefulness to the past stalwart-leadership like Shri N
Bhaskaran, Shri B Sadashiva Rao, and others. It added that it had 2786 members on its rolls. We wish the AGB a success,  and more beneficial activities by the Assn.

Karnataka CGPA

          Digital Life Certificate:        We emphasise that the DLC-exercise remains a prestigious pilot project to the Dept. We in the Assn/s must rise to respond to them. Two officers from the Assn viz. Shri Venugopalachar, Jt Secretary, Tel 9448943355 and Shri RSN Murthy, Treasurer, Tel 9731663662             , have been equipped with the iris-enabled device for obtaining the DLC in respect of the pensioners. The pensioners may be members of this Assn or even others, even family pensioners. Please spread the word. The pensioners may contact these officers, and get the DLCs done. The exercise should be completed in respect of ALL the Assn members before November 2019. Please co-operate. Simultaneously, the Assn requests the two officers to make themselves helpfully available to the task, and go out to reach the respective pensioners.

Payments received   Following payments have been received during APRIL 2019.  We thank them all, including the members who have paid Rs.1000 & above.

Name  (Smt/Shri)
Receipt No.
M Fee
       PD Subs                      Rs.             Year 
Balakrishna NP


Gopal K


Johnson Nayagan


Keshavadas HA


Madiyal T


Narasihnan R


Narayana Murthy TM


Nath MRV


Panthalu DMR


New Member
Sankaran AV


Venugopal Andhure


New members enrolled :       ONE new member was enrolled during APTIL 2019.  We welcome him and wish him well..
Name (Smt/Shri)
Mobile No.
Min of Home Affairs
98424 39003

A Quote
        Man works under pressure, only ‘
                   ‘Padmashree’ Dr S Subramanian, IPS (Rtd)
                   (Founder SPG, Rtd DG NSG)

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Written & Edited by Shri S S Ramanatha Rao, and Published by Shri S Gurudas, for and on behalf of The Karnataka Central Government Pensioners’ Association, “Swarna”, No.120/1, 2nd Main, Gayatri Devi Park Extension, Vyalikaval,, Bengaluru 560003; and Printed by Shri V Sathianarayanan, at M/s GH Enterprises, No. 128, Dharmaraja Koil Street, Bengaluru 560001.


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