ECHS: Procedure to change parent polyclinic online

Central Organisation, ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
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Near Gopinath Circle
Delhi Cantt - 110 010

29 Jul 2019

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Northern Comd(A/ECHS)
South West Comd (A/ECHS)
HO SFF & HQ Coast Guard
All Regional Centres


1. A software solution has been implemented to enable all ECHS beneficiaries with New 64 Kb Smart Card to enable them to change their parent Polyclinic online. This facility can be exercised once in six months by beneficiaries who have already collected the new 64 Kb ECHS card. The procedure to be adopted is given at succeeding paras.
2. Action by the ESM. The ESM/Primary beneficiary will adopt the following procedure:-

(a) He/she will login to ECHS website,, using his login credentials.

(b) He/she will select the beneficiary whose polyclinic is required to be changed.

(c) Select the new polyclinic out of the dropdown.

(d) Submits the request.

3. Action by OIC, (Old Parent) Polyclinic. The action required to be taken by the OIC of the old parent Polyclinic is given under:-

(a) Then OIC Polyclinic will select “Request for change of parent polyclinic” from the main menu.

(b) He/she will get two sub menus “Request for transfer out” and “Request for transfer in”.

(c) He/she will select “Request for transfer out” and will check the details of ESM/prmary beneficiary applied fir change for Polyclinic. Once he approves it, the application will be transferred on real time basis to the OIC (new parent) Polyclinic.

4. Action by the OIC (New Parent) Polyclinic. The action required to be taken by the OIC of new parent Polyclinic is given under:-

(a) The OIC will select “Request for change of parent Polyclinic” from the main menu.

(b) He/she will get two sub menu “Request for Transfer out” and “Request for Transfer in”.

(c) He/she will select “Request for Transfer in” and approves the particular beneficiary. Once it is approved the change will take place on real time basis and the same will get updated.

(d) The beneficiary when reaches the new parent Polyclinic he will have to insert this card in the Kisok/iCAT and get the details updated.
6. This information is to be disseminated to all Polyclinics and displayed at prominent places for information of ECHS beneficiaries.

(Rakesh Kakar)
Col (Retd)
Jt Dir (Stats & Automation)

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