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Dear friends, Greetings!!!  I had lodged a Grievance with PMO. In reply, I was informed by Surveyor General's Office(SGO) that the Grievance has been disposed off. The letter of SGO, however, did not at all refer to the subject matter of the 3 points of Grievance. I suppose this is quite usual. I have since written to the concerned officer that the Grievance still stands Unresolved and cannot be treated as disposed off. I am forwarding this communication to you to request you to please Never get frustrated/disheartened by getting an Irrelevant or Incorrect reply; But, persist to get your Genuine Grievance redressed.  Remember: TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL(Ultimately). The plus point with the Grievance Portal is that at least our communication is replied to. Otherwise, you never get even an acknowledgement. Please do not forget that the Community of pensioners had to fight long-drawn tough battles in courts to get their rightful entitlements. Nothing comes easy. I, feel we should all use this method of Registering Grievances, also, to bring them to the notice of the concerned authorities. It is quite simple to register a Grievance. I will feel happy to hear from you. I hope you all have already filed your nomination for Life-time arrears, as provided under the Rules.  With best wishes, GS Oberoi, President, AIAROSI, E 64, Sector 21, Jal Vayu Vihar, Noida(UP). 201301.  Tel: 9811416099(M) for messages by SMS/WhatsApp, as I do not hear well. To The Secretary, PMO, New Delhi. Sub:- Grievance lodged with PMO on the long standing Genuine grievances not resolved in spite of making all efforts.  This amounts to willful disobedience to the Extant Gov't. Rules and Orders by the concerned authorities, leading to frustration in the Community of pensioners in the country.  Respectfully Yours,  (GS Oberoi) President, AIAROSI, Noida(UP).  On Thu, 9 Aug 2018 at 18:03, Gurbaksh Oberoi wrote:  For kind consideration of Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Dear Sir,  It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that the Hon'ble PM is trying his best that the Principle of Good Governance should prevail in the functioning of all gov't. departments. I take this opportunity to submit the following few points(among others) for consideration of Hon'ble PM to relieve the Pensioner Community which is badly suffering because of illegal denial of their genuine Claims and Rights, in the very departments functioning directly under Hon'ble PM:-  1). Benefits of Non- Functional Upgradation Orders of 2009 issued by DoP&T are being denied to pre-2006 Retirees from Central Organised Services. These orders are specifically applicable also to existing Pensioners but the same have been illegally denied to pre- 2006 pensioners, thus forcing them to long drawn litigation. Many pensioners are, therefore, suffering, as a result.  2). Pensioners, whose posts were upgraded After their retirement are rightfully entitled to get pension on the Revised Upgraded scale of the POST under the accepted Principle of Parity. Pensioners are entitled to receive pension with reference to the Status of the Post last held and NOT on the Basis of last pay drawn(in the then prevailing lower scale of the Post). A case in point is, that pre-96 retirees from the then post of Dy. Director in the Survey of India, a Central Engineering Service under DS&T(post equivalent to SE, CPWD) are being denied their due and entitled pension under Concordance Table 44(Matrix Level 13), correctly pertaining to them. This is not just a solitary case.  I had addressed a letter to the Secretary, DoP&PW to issue a General Order for compliance by all concerned that the pension of all such pensioners whose posts were upgraded After their retirement, are NOT to be fixed in a ROUTINE manner(as is the normal practice) with reference to the last pay drawn, But with reference to the applicable Concordance Table pertaining to the revised Upgraded scale of the Post and the number of years served by them in that last Post before retirement. No action has still been taken, with the result that many pensioners are being paid less than their entitlements.  3). The Post of Erstwhile Director, Survey of India(Functionally above the lower post of Dy. Director of the level of SE, CPWD), which became defunct in 1989 has to be prescribed the revised Commensurate scale in terms of V CPC as per their directions under Para.168.3 of their Report, to avoid unnecessary continuing financial hardship to a few very old retirees(their number may be less than 15) from that Post. This has not been done in spite of all efforts made. As a result, they are still being paid pension of the lower post of SE, CPWD, since 1.1.96. This is a big anomaly causing them great unnecessary and uncalled for, financial hardship.  The above cases are, intentionally, stated in brief. I would, however, be glad to give further details, as required. The cases with full details are, however, already available in the offices of Surveyor General of India, DS&T, DoP&PW, DoE, etc.  Thanking you,  Yours faithfully,  (GS Oberoi), President, All India Association of Retired Officers of Survey of India(AIAROSI),  E 64, Sector 21, Jal Vayu Vihar, Noida(UP). 201301. Affiliated to Bharat Pensioners Samaj. A- 3345/09.  Phone:- 9811416099(M) for messages. ----- Forwarded message ----- From: Gurbaksh Oberoi To: Cc: SGO LATEST ; Lt. General Girish Kumar Sent: Tuesday, 8 October, 2019, 04:39:31 pm IST Subject: Grievance: PMOPG/E/2019/0462493 IMMEDIATE Letter No. 94/Grievance  dated 8.10.2019. To Col. SK Sarkar, Dy. Surveyor General, Survey of India, Dehra Dun. Ref:- Your letter No. J-5665/2158-PG dated 17.9.2019. Sir, 1). This is to bring to your kind notice that three points of Grievance were got Registered with PMO on 13. 08. 2019. You have stated in the status of the Registered Grievance that the case is closed on 17.09.2019,  with your above-mentioned letter No. J-5665/2158-PG dated 17.09. 2019, and stating that the aforesaid grievance is disposed off. Your above letter, however, does Not refer to any of the three points of Grievance. It is, therefore, requested that further action may please be initiated early to remove the three Genuine Grievances pointed out. The Grievances still REMAIN to be disposed off. 2).Your letter dated 17.09.2019 has already been replied to separately, by authentically rebutting the INCORRECT statements made therein and in previous letters from SGO. Kindly acknowledge receipt. Yours faithfully, (GS Oberoi), President, AIAROSI, Noida. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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