Grant of invalid pension in favour of ex-head constable ashok kumar rai (bsf),who suffered 100% disability on duty.

Raj Phapri, PO – Baikunthpur
(Salugara) Distt – Jalpaiguri – 734008 (WB)
Dated, the 2.11.2019
Shri Narendra Modi,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi – 110 011.
Respected Sir,
1.       With due respect and humble submission, I, Ashok Kumar Rai, Ex-Head Constable Regt. No.697339250 of STC BSF North Bengal, (Now Baikunthpur) Siliguri and holder of EOP PPO No.240559313712, addressed as below, beg to state that I have been submitting application and copious reminders since 2016 to the Director (A/c’s), PAO, BSF, (Pension Section), Pushpa Bhawan, 2nd Floor, PO-Madangir, New Delhi-110 062 on the subject, but till date, BSF Acctt. Branch PAO is not responding to my appeal. Therefore, I am approaching your goodself.
2.       My Particulars are given below:-
1.       PPO NO.240559313712 under EOP Rules (Copy attached).
2.       Name – Ashok Kumar Rai Rank- Ex-Head Constable
3.       Regimental No.697339250
4.       Unit-STC BSF North Bengal (Now Baikunthpur)
5.       Date of Birth:- 16/01/1950
6.       Date of enlistment:- 14/04/1969
7.       Date of end service:-03/05/1992 on 100% disabilities due to injuries attributed to Govt service under EOP Rules 1939
8.       Total service in BSF:- 23 years 19 days
9.       Ground of Retirement:-
On 04/02/1991 while as instructor, conducting demo to new recruits as training on use of general service explosives, lost both eyes and left hand due to sudden accidental premature explosion. Later Medically boarded out me by a BSF Board of Officers on 03/05/1092.
10.   Percentage of disability :- 100% (loss of both eyes and left hand)
11.   Start of Disability Pension :- 04/05/1992
12.   Emoluments for Pension :- Rs. 1240/-
13.   Disability Pension Sanctioned:- Rs. 750/-pm. (IV CPC) under EOP Rules 1939
i)                    Due to accidental explosion on training duty, I have sustained grievous injuries/disability. My present physical conditions are as under.
a)      100% Disabled. Certificate issued by STC BSF Baikunthpur is attached. (My photo is attached)
b)      Both eyes lost. Completely blind.
c)       Left hand lost. Totally disabled.
ii)                   Thus, I am 100% disabled while on duty as cited above. I am completely blind/disabled and wholly dependant on somebody from day to day functions/survival.
iii)                 I have been sanctioned Disability Pension @ Rs. 750/-pm. Wef: 04/05/1992 based on then basic pay Rs. 1240/-.
But, I have not been granted invalid Pension under Rule:- 38 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. Thus, I have been deprived of this additional Invalid Pension since 04/05/1992 (original Date of Medical Boarded out Pension). My departmental BSF (Head of Office-STC BSF North Bengal, Baikunthpur, Siliguri was not aware of entitlement of such double Pensions i.e. Disability Pension and Invalid Pension, in case of 100% Disability due to injuries while on duty. Otherwise, BSF would have granted suo motu these entitlements to me in 1992 itself. In around 2016, I came to know about this, from our BSF Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association, Salugara, Siliguri (WB), and I applied for same. But our PAO BSF, New Delhi did not reply for same.
iv)                 Here, there are several 100% disabled BSF/CAPF Pensioners who are getting both two Pensions i.e.(i) Disability Pension u/r EOP Rules, 1939 and (2) Invalid Pension u/r 38 of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972. But it is picquant, I am left out. Reasons for non-response by PAO BSF, New Delhi is beyond my comprehension.
v)                  From Welfare point of view, 100% disabled Pensioners must be provided such welfare measures on top priority and also needs to be brought to notice of all serving personnel, as this has a direct bearing on morale.
1.       Para-3 of Schedule-II (See Rule 9 (2) of CCS(EOP) Rules, 1939 (Copy attached).
2.       Rule-38 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 (Copy attached).
3.       G.O.I Decision No.2 under Rule-38 of CCS (Pension Rules, 1972
Auth: GOI, DoP & PW O.M. No.45/86/97-P&PW(A) Dated 07.082001 (Copy attached).

In the light of above facts vis-à-vis welfare of retired 100% disabled BSF Jawan and the grant of principle of natural justice, your Honour are fervently requested to please intervene and arrange grant of Invalid Pension u/r-38 of CCS (Pension) Rules-1972, to me w.e.f. 04/05/1992. Due arrear of this unpaid Invalid Pension with effect from – 04/05/1992 also may please be paid to me. I, a disabled BSF retired Jawan will be highly obliged to you forever.
I enclose the following documents for kind perusal please:-
(a)    Copy of PPO No.240559313712.
(b)   My present Physical photo depicting blindness.
(c)    My present Physical photo depicting lost left Arm.
(d)   Copy of Disability Certificate issued by West Bengal Govt.
(e)   Copy of Disability Certificate issued by STC BSF North Bengal, Baikunthpur.
(f)     Copy of STC BSF North Bengal, Baikunthpur L/No. Hd/STC B.Pur/17/1822-24 dt. 1 June 2017
(g)    Extract of Para-3 of Schedule-II (See Rule-9(2) of CCS(EOP) Rules, 1939.
(h)   Extract of Rule-38 of CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972.
(i)      Copy of G.O.I. Decision No.2 under Rule-38 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 Auth-GOI, DoP P&W O.M. No.45/86/97-P & PW(A) Dated 07.08.2001
All relevant documents are available with SR/Shadow File with BSF/PAO/CPAO etc.
Thanking you Sir.

Enclo:- As above.

Yours faithfully

REGT. NO.697339250
EOP PPO NO.240559313712
MOBILE : 7047088388

Copy to:-
1)      The Director (A/cs)
PAO BSF (Pension Sec-N.E.)
Pushpa Bhawan, PO: Madangir,
New Delhi – 110 062.

For kind information and early sanction of Invalid Pension, pending since 04.05.1992 please.


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