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BPS reply to DGRHS Rly Board with reference to his comments dated 5.10.2020 on Grievance NoDARPG/E/2020/21541 appended as Annexure-1 & 2


BPS writes to Secy DOPT reg.Notional increment.


PCDA Circular 213 : Consolidated instructions for PDA’s for smooth payment of pension

OFFICE OF THE PR.CONTROLLER OF DEFENCE ACCOUNTS (PENSIONS)DRAUPADI GHAT, ALLAHABAD – 211 014Circular No 213No. AT/Tech/70-Vol. XXVIDated: 07/10/2020ToThe Chief Accountant, RBI Deptt. of Govt. Bank Accounts, Central office C-7, Second Floor, Bandre-Kurla Complex, P B No.8143, Bandre East, Mumbai-4000512.The Manager, CPPC of all Public Sector Banks including IDBI3.The Nodal office(ICIC/AXIS/HDFC Bank)Sub: Consolidated instructions for pension disbursing authorities to ensure smooth payment of pension /family pension in respect of pensioners/Family pensioners.Ref: This office Circular No. C-132 dated 13.12.2018, Circular No. 632 dated 30.03.2020 and Circular No.633 dated 30.03.2020.****Govt. of India, Ministry of Personnel, public grievances & pension, department of pension & pensioners’ Welfare O.M. No.12/4/2020-P&PW(C)-6300 dated 15/05/2020 is reproduced herewith for immediate necessary action as applicable at the end of pension disbursing authorities.2. All pension disburs…

Indian Railway Medical Service an over view & The hospitals in the country

Indian Raiways has 17 Zones & 73 DivisionsThere are 67.6 Medical beneficiaries out of which 5.6 lac are Relhs beneficiaries Whos age wise breakup is as follows
1.Total No of Rly medical beneficiaries 67.6  lac   (including RELHS beneficiaries2.Total RELHS beneficiaries5.6 lac (8.2%)3.Age wise breakup of RELHS beneficiaries(i) 60-70 yrs235200= 3.47%(ii) 70-80 yrs207200=3.06(iii) 80 -90yrs 95200= 1.4%(iv )90-10022400=0.33%Rly Hospitals empaneled to Ayushman Bharat  whos beneficiaries can avail cashless treatment upto Rs 500000 without any referral.Rly hospitals are now also opened to Central Govt employees & pensioners i.e. available to all CGHS beneficiaries also w/o referral only on the basis of I card.RELHS beneficiary can not avail treatment in Central Hospital or Divisional hospital without referral by his/her Health unit. In Central hospital after registration he/she will have to first attend Sr Citizen OPD to get referral to consult a specialist.

Clarification regarding treatment of CGHS beneficiaries at government hospitals: CGHS OM dated 09.10.2020

Z15025/18/2020/01 R/CGHS
Government of India
Min. of Health & Family Welfare Department of Health
Directorate General of CGHS545-A Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi.
Dated the 9th October , 2020OFFICE MEMORANDUMSubject: Clarification regarding treatment of CGHS beneficiaries at government hospitals – regarding ****With reference to the above subject the undersigned is directed to state that this Ministry is in receipt of several representations seeking clarifications about treatment at government hospitals. In this regard attention is drawn to Office memorandum No. S-11012/1/91-CGHS(P) (Vol.I) dt 18.03.1992 vide which guidelines regarding settlement of Claims were issued and to convey the approval of competent authority for issue of tthe following clarifications regarding treatment at government hospitals:  i. CGHS beneficiaries have the option to avail Consultation from Specialists/ Investigations / treatment procedures from any Government Hospital Central /State)ii. The definition of “Governme…

Process of availing e-Privilege Pass/PTO in HRMS Module-e-Privilege Pass/PTO: Step-wise instructions – How to apply for and Cancel e-pass

(e-Pass Instructions)Office of the
Principal Chief Personnel Officer
2nd Floor Rail Sadan,
Bhubaneswar-751017No.ECoR/Pers/HRMS/01Date: 06.10.2020ToAll PHODs/CHODs, CAO(Con)/BBS
The Chairman/RRB/BBS, CWM/CRW/MCSSub: e-Privilege Pass/PTO in HRMS Module-e-Privilege Pass/PTO.Ref: Railway Board’s letter No. PC-VII/2020/HRMS/6 dated-14/08/2020.Indian Railways have launched e-Privilege Pass/PTO Module on the 24th of August 2020 through Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Portal, which is being rolled out all over Indian Railways from 01/10/2020. Privilege Passes and PTOs have to be applied and availed online. The instructions pertaining to process of availing e-Passes/PTOs are as follows:-1.0 Step-wise instructions Login to the HRMS portal i.e. login ID (HRMS ID) and password. This facility is available on Personal Computer (PC).  a) HRMS ID is available via:-i) Message received from HRMS portal on registered mo…

Joint representation by ex Member Staff & Ex FC Rly Bd regarding poor medical facilities for retired Rly Persons.Those in chair today should realize that if today they do not listen to pensioners, tomorrow they too face same difficulties and will repent on their indifferent attitude to retired persons while in chair. Railway medical facilities are by medical staff & for medical staff.


Tutorial 14: Page Maker Text Wrap Tutorial in Hindi


Tutorial 14: Page Maker Text Wrap Tutorial in Hindi


Reimbursement of cost of OPD Medicines: Special Sanction in view of COVID-19 till 31st December 2020 – CGHS OM dated 30 Sep 2020

Z 15025/12/2020/DIR/CGHS
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHSNirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 30th September, 2020.OFFICE MEMORANDUMSub: Reimbursement of cost of OPD Medicines: Special Sanction in view of COVID-19- till 31st December 2020- regardingIn view of the Corona Virus Disease(COVID-19), all out efforts are made by the Government to contain its impact by instituting measures at community as well as at individual level. 2. In this regard the undersigned is directed to draw attention is the OM of even number dated 27.03.2020, 29.04.2020, 29.05.2020 and 24th August 2020 vide which an option has been provided to CGHS beneficiaries getting medicines for Chronic diseases, to purchase medicines based on the prescription held (prescribed by CGHS Medical Officers/CGHS Specialists /other Govt. Specialists/ Specialist of empanelled hospital) till 30th September 2020, irrespective of Non-Availability certificate from CGHS or otherwise. Howeve…

Clarification on pay fixation under FR 22(I)(a)(2) reckoning of re-promotion of an employee under MACPS with illustration: RBE No. 81/2020

(Railway Board) रेलवे बोर्डS.No. PC-VII/158
No. PC-V/2016/MACPS/ 1RBE No. 81/2020
New Del hi , dated IS -9-2020The General Managers (P),
All Indian Railways and PUs.Sub: Clarification on reckoning of re-promotion of an employee fixed under FR 22(I)(a)(2) for the purpose of financial upgradation under MACPS.References have been received in Boards Office from some of the Railways, seeking clarification on the abovementioned subject. The issue has been examined in consultation with DOP&T, the nodal department of the Government on MACPS. It has been observed that MACPS guidelines do not make a special provision for transferred employees vis-a-vis other employees in the new organization for determining their eligibility for further financial upgradation, as the actual pay drawn by a transferred employee on promotion /re-promotion in the new organization is of no consequence for determining his eligibility for further financial…

Rly Board orders regd Purchase of medicines


Invalid Pension to Armed Forces Personnel before completion of 10 years of qualifying service: PCDA Circular No. 640

DRAUPADI GHAT, ALLAHABAD- 211014Circular No. 640Dated: 18.09.2020ToThe O/C
Records/PAO (ORs)Subject:- Provision of Invalid Pension to Armed Forces Personnel before completion of 10 years of qualifying service – reg.  Government of India, Ministry of Defence, D(Pension/Policy) vide their letter no. 12(6)/2019/D(Pen/Pol) dated 16.07.2020 has issued order on the above subject. Copy of the same is forwarded herewith for information and further necessary action.2. The provision of this circular shall apply to those Armed Forces Personnel who were/are in service on or after 04.01.2019. The cases in respect of personnel who were invalided out from service before 04.01.2019 will not be re-opened.3. This circular has been uploaded on this office website for disseminating across the all concerned.4. Hindi version will follow.5. Please acknowledge receipt.Sd/-
Sushil Kumar Singh
Addl. CDA(P)No. Gts/Tech/05/Vol-LXXXIVDa…