Information under RTI Act, 2005 from UTIITSL

Ref No.: UTIITSL/CPC-BELAPUR/RTI-2514/2020-21/2588                Date: 1st April, 2020

Shri S. C. Maheshwari
 490A/16 Civil Lines,
Gurudwara Road,
Gurgaon, Haryana 122001.


Sub: Information under RTI Act, 2005
This has reference to your RTI Application no. MORLY/R/20/0752 & 753 dated 12/02/2020 along with the copy of memorandum  dated  31/07/2019  received  to  PIO  on  09/03/2020  from  Ms.  Anita  Gautam,  Director/Estt. (General),Government of India, Ministry of Railways, Railway Board, New Delhi vide letter ref. no. E(G)2018/Misc./02/pt. dated 28/02/2020,regarding the captioned subject.
In this connection, we write to inform you that UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Ltd., (UTIITSL) is acting as a Bill Clearing Agency for processing Medical Claims of Railways beneficiaries and printing of CTSE Cards for RELHS beneficiaries  on  behalf  of  Railways,  we  are  furnishing  the  following  information  as  requested  by  you  in  your  RTI Application, which are related to us:-
2) Glitches & ground level problems related to CTSE Smart card:
i) Additional money to the tune of Rs.30000/- is charged for CTSE Smart card for cashless treatment in emergencies. But at present no emapnelled private hospital accepts this card for want of username &password to log in to UTIITSL website/card reading as per Annexure-1 (flow process) to CTSE policy document dated 14.7.2016. The CTSE Card holders thus stand cheated.
Our Reply: Hospital Registration and User Creation is to be done at designated Railway Offices. Provision for Hospital Registration & User Allotment is already provided in the System.
iv) Difficulty in uploading documents for registration continues.
v) Site is annoying slow
Our Reply: CTSE Beneficiary Registration is running fine and incase of any Beneficiary faces issue in Uploading or clarification required our helpdesk providing online assistance over phone or e-mail.
vi) It takes about 6 months to generate the card
Our Reply: Railway approval is mandatory to generate the Card. We are generating Cards for approved cases periodically.
I) Once a hospital is recognized/empanelled by any unit of Railway it will be empanelled for whole of Indian Railway. Every unit shall be uploading the list of hospitals on the web site maintained by M/S UTIITSL where anybody can pursue it.
Our Reply: List of Registered Hospitals can be viewed online. 


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