Fraud on Railway's Sr citizen by the Directorate of Health Rly Board:--Secy Genl BPS e-mail to MR & CRB. And Northern Railway Central Hospital reply

 Fraud on Railway's Sr citizen  by the Directorate of Health Rly Board

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Attached grievance   number : PMOPG/E/2020/0621300 dated 30.06.2020 of  Shri Rajinder Sigh is self explanatory .Like him hundreds of Rly Pensioners in the evening of their lives  including undersigned stand cheated  of  Rs 30000/- each by the Directorate of  Health Rly Board through CTSE policy letter No No. 2014/H /28/1/smart card/Part A Dated: I+.07.2016dated 14.07.2016.A scheme which is proving to be FAKE.

As far as 13.09 2019  delegation of  Bharat Pensioners Samaj  during its meeting with the then Member Staff Sh Manoj Pandey had brought out that No empanelled Private hospital  was honouring  CTSE card. Earlier through its memorandum dated 31.07.2019 this fact was brought to the knowledge of CRB. We had even requested  for personnel  audience with  CRB  which was never granted.

However, during the meeting on 13.09.2019. MS had assured us of positive action .But alas nothing positive has happened till today.

Copies of memorandum to CRB, to Ms and details of discussion with MS on 13.9.2019 are attached along with copy of registered Grievance of Shri Rajinder Singh are being attached to this email for ready reference.

Under signed  APPEAL  for immediate positive action to help Rly pensioners holding CTSE cards.

With regards.

Truly yours,




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