Why should you mute yourself during webinars? Courtesy: kaaranam-ketkadey A Blog for Senior Citizens by a senior citizen

 It is very annoying to all participants when the speaker’s presentation is interfered with extraneous noise. So, you must keep your mike muted and switch it on only when you have something to speak, and perhaps after raising your hand and getting permission to do so. Some reasons why you should mute yourself, just to make you aware of probable local interferences, are listed below:

1.      1.      Some Window shutter may be banging / curtain movements due to wild wind
2.      Some construction or repair work going on nearby
3.      Vendors in the street on their way (nowadays they use loud speakers)
4.      Noisy kitchen nearby – frying, grinding masala etc
5.      TV running in the hall, perhaps a fight of foolish actors
6.      Some body knocking at the door or ringing the doorbell
7.      Landline or Mobile callers
8.      Stray / street dogs chasing and barking
9.      Mom / wife / children yelling at you or at each other among themselves
10.  Servants and your family members in loud chatter
11.  Someone sleeping and snorting away
12.  Yourself yawning unmindfully and unmanageably out of shear boredom
13.  An alarm for the motor pump set or egg timer on its job
14.  Water running in the bathroom
15.  Yourself farting aloud involuntarily

You might be wondering why I am listing silly causes of continual disturbances.  But believe me, most of these, I have experienced my self and are not purely out my imagination. So, beware: mute yourself for your sake and for the sake of others, please. 


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